Account Payment

Payment via Credit Card

Batch accepts payments via MasterCard, VISA, and AMEX Usage of a credit card indicates authorization to cover all future recurring charges and additional fees with the credit card on file. Credit cards will be charged on the renewal date for the account. Accounts will renew automatically on the anniversary of each billing cycle unless the proper cancellation notice is submitted to our billing department (see Cancellation Policy below).

Late / Non-Payment

Accounts with Non-Usable Credit Cards

Credit cards on file are not usable when any of the following occur:

  • The card expired

  • The bank declines the charges

  • The card is reported lost or stolen

  • The card is declared invalid

The procedure we follow when an account has a non-usable credit card is the following:

  • You will receive an invoice one (1) day prior to your renewal.

  • After four (4) days pass you will receive another invoice. (Reminding you of the outstanding balance)

  • On the seventh (7th) day, you will receive a final suspension notice and your account will be suspended the following day.

  • If your balance has not been brought to zero, the account will be suspended

  • If payment has still not been made the account will be deleted and all data removed


Cancellation Policy

Requesting an Account Cancellation

A cancellation will only be accepted if it is done by the following method:

  • Submit an email to from an email associated with the account in the body of the email specify teamid, account and, end date

  • Accounts will be canceled and prorated for the monthly usage up to the specified end date

Results of a Cancellation

When a cancellation is made the account will be terminated all client and collection data will be wiped.

Refund Policy


Batch does not offer refunds for cloud accounts except where required by law.


In the event of a chargeback

In the event Batch receives a chargeback notice in connection with any of your services, we reserve the right to take the following action:

  • Terminate any and all services you have with us.


Customer Liability

Batch shall not be liable for any taxes or other fees to be paid in accordance with or related to purchases made from customer. Customer is solely responsible for all taxes and fees of any nature associated with Batch products and services

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