What is your pricing model?

Batch uses a simple usage-based (or consumption-based) pricing model.

All usage is based on the number of gigabytes of data that the Batch platform processes.

Use as much or as little as you need and get billed at the end of the month.

What does Batch charge on?

At minimum, a single collection is needed.

  • 1 Collection @ $30.00/month

    • A collection is a logical grouping of your data

    • 1 collection includes: 10GB of ingest, storage, monitors, transforms, replay and 7 days of retention

  • Ingest @ $1.00/GB per month

    • Any data that is ingested by a Batch collector (via relays or using the HTTP API)

  • Long term storage (LTS) @ $0.50/GB per month ($0.15 with BYOB)

    • After data is ingested, cleaned and sanitized, Batch can write the data to an S3 bucket in parquet format

    • By default, collections are NOT written to LTS - enable it in collection config

  • Transform @ $5.00/GB per month

    • Provide your own JS functions that operates on the payload of the event during ingest or replay

    • You can own as many functions as you like; pay only for usage

  • Monitor @ $1.00/GB per month

    • Setup monitoring rules for the contents of your event data

    • Detect PII or anomalies

    • Alert via Slack, Pagerduty or email

  • Extra 7 days of retention @ $0.25/GB per month

    • By default, once data is ingested, it can be searched for 7 days; this can be increased per collection (in collection config)

  • 1 Hosted plumber @ $50.00 per month

    • Have Batch host the plumber cluster used for relaying data from your data sources

What is free?

1 collection with 1GB of ingest, LTS, replay, transform and monitoring per month + 7 days of retention for search.

What happens when I exceed my free 1GB?

We will continue to accept data but access to search, replay, transform and monitor will not be available until a payment method is added.

Once a payment method is created, all functionality of the platform will be unlocked.

Do you charge for overages?


What is the payment schedule?

Billing takes place on the 1st of every month and is prorated.

What are the limits?

There are no maximum limits. Send as much data as you like, as fast as you like.

Our systems are tested daily to handle ~100,000 4KB events per second for 30 minutes at a time (390.625MB/s or 3.1Gb/s).

Do you offer discounts?

Yes. We offer discounts for custom plans. Contact us here.

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