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gRPC Quickstart


In this brief quickstart guide, we will demonstrate how to communicate with plumber's gRPC API using grpcurl.
If you prefer a graphical interface, you can use something like Insomnia or RPCBloom.

Install grpcurl

First install grpcurl (if you don't already have it).
$ brew install grpcurl

Start server

$ plumber server
It will take a few moments for plumber to initialize.

Clone plumber-schemas Repo

Now git clone the Plumber protobuf repository:
Open a terminal and navigate to plumber-schemas/protos/ directory:
$ git clone [email protected]:batchcorp/plumber-schemas.git
$ cd plumber-schemas/protos


Execute our first command calling the GetAllConnections() method:
$ grpcurl -import-path . -proto ps_base.proto -d '{"auth":{"token": "streamdal"}}' -plaintext localhost:9090 protos.PlumberServer/GetAllConnections
Great! Plumber server is running correctly!

Create a New Connection

Add a connection to our local Kafka server using the CreateConnection()method. We will use the returned connectionId for creating a relay.
$ grpcurl -import-path . -proto ps_base.proto \
-d '{"auth": {"token": "streamdal"}, "options": {"name": "Local kafka", "kafka": {"address": ["localhost"], "timeout_seconds": 10}}}' \
-plaintext localhost:9090 protos.PlumberServer/CreateConnection
"connectionId": "946b0400-a272-42a5-b883-154a1b1d0f1d"

Create a Relay

Now that we've created our first stored connection, we can start relaying messages from it into a collection using the CreateRelay() method.
The important fields to specify here are collection_token, connection_id, and topics.
You will need to copy the connection ID from the previous call into the request's connection_id field, and fill in collection_token with a collection token.
$ grpcurl -import-path . -proto ps_base.proto \
-d '{"auth": {"token": "streamdal"}, "opts": {"collection_token": "8d60e930-d18e-463b-863d-5b511fe03598", "connection_id": "946b0400-a272-42a5-b883-154a1b1d0f1d", "kafka": {"args": {"topics": ["exampletopic"]}}}}' \
-plaintext localhost:9090 protos.PlumberServer/CreateRelay
"relayId": "a48500d5-bdac-4b82-9f7c-3f056b54656d",
"status": {
"message": "Relay started",
"requestId": "be90cd32-79b2-47cd-bda7-4045e07aa60b"
Success! 🎉. We are now relaying all events from exampletopic topic in our local Kafka instance to our collection!

Stop the Relay

Now let's stop our relay and conclude this quick start:
$ grpcurl -import-path . -proto ps_base.proto \
-d '{"auth": {"token": "streamdal"}, "relay_id": "a48500d5-bdac-4b82-9f7c-3f056b54656d"}' \
-plaintext localhost:9090 protos.PlumberServer/StopRelay