Sources are managed plumber relays

Sources hydrate collections with events from a datasource such as Kafka, RabbitMQ, SQS, and many more.

Sources are managed plumber instance that live in the Batch platform.

Sources are ideal for those that have long running relays and don't not want to deal with the complexity of running plumber.

Creating a Source

  1. Create a collection if you have not already

  2. Ensure your datasource is accessible to Streamdal from IP's

  3. Navigate to 'Sources'

  4. Select 'New Source'

5. Select the 'Collection' you will use to store data

6. Select the 'Relay Type' which should be the same as the source you wish to collect data from

7. Fill in relevant details about your data source

8. Confirm the 'Source' is heathy

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