Acceptable Use Policy

Updated May 3rd, 2020

This Acceptable Use Policy sets forth rules that apply to use of any of our products, services, websites, forums or other offerings (“Offerings”).

Content Restrictions. You will not upload, store, post or transmit content that:

  • Is obscene, defamatory, deceptive, harassing, threatening, hateful, or discriminatory;

  • Violates anyone else’s intellectual property, privacy, publicity or other rights;

  • Violates applicable laws or regulations; or

  • Contains viruses, malware, malicious code or similar harmful materials.

Prohibited Conduct. You will not:

  • Engage in deceptive or illegal activities (including, “spoofing”, “phishing” or pyramid or similar schemes);

  • Transmit spam or other unsolicited communications to other users;

  • Access the Offerings to build a similar or competitive offering;

  • Publish benchmark or performance information about the Offerings without our consent; or

  • Use the Offerings in violation of data, privacy or other applicable laws or regulations.

No Disruption. You will not:

  • DDOS Inundating a target with communications requests so the target either cannot respond to legitimate traffic or responds so slowly that it becomes ineffective.

  • Access the Offerings through means we did not authorize (for instance, scraping or crawling);

  • Disable or interfere with the Offerings or circumvent any of our security or access controls;

  • Try to access other users’ data or accounts without their express permission; or

  • Probe, scan or test the vulnerability of the Offerings.

Others. You will not permit or encourage others to commit any of the actions above.

We may monitor compliance with this Policy and investigate any violations. If we determine that you or your content violates this Policy, we may terminate or suspend your access to the Offerings or delete, disable or modify your content.

We may report any activity that we suspect violates any law or regulation to law enforcement officials, regulators, or other appropriate third parties, and cooperate with them to investigate and prosecute illegal conduct. Our reporting may include disclosing information related to the violation of this Policy.

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