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Google Cloud PubSub

Setup instructions for using a Google Cloud PubSub topic as a replay destination

Allow Batch access to your topic

In order to use a PubSub topic as a replay destination, you will need to allow our IAM user permissions to list/publish to your topic
First, open the topic you wish to replay to in Google Cloud's console
On the right-hand side, under the Permissions tab, click "+ Add Principal" button
Click Add Principal
Enter in our IAM user into the "New Principals" text box
Enter in our IAM user
In the "Select A Role" dropdown, select Pub/Sub -> Pub/Sub Publisher
Add Pub/Sub Publisher role
Then click "+ Add Another Role" and select Pub/Sub -> Pub/Sub Viewer.
Your permissions should then look like the following. Save the permissions.
Add both Pub/Sub Publisher and Pub/Sub Viewer roles
Streamdal's systems will now be able to publish messages to your topic!. Now we just setup the destination in Streamdal

Setup destination in Streamdal Console

Head on over to the Destinations page:​
Click the "New Destination" button in the upper right, select GCP PubSub from the Type dropdown and fill out your GCP project ID and topic ID.
That's it! You're now ready to replay messages into your topic!
Last modified 9mo ago