Batch offers several add-ons that can be attached to any plan, at any time.

Additional storage

Storage defines how much data your account is able to store at any time. Rather than being a monthly number, our storage is representative of "total amount of storage" over any time - think Google Drive, Dropbox or iCloud storage.
NOTE: If you max out your storage - we won't delete any of your data, we will just ask you (nicely) to upgrade at your earliest convenience.
Additional storage capacity costs $1.00 per 5 GB.

Additional replay

We track replay usage in the amount of bandwidth that has been used for replaying data to destinations.
By default, each plan comes with the same amount of replay as there is storage. Meaning, if your plan has 10GB's of storage, you can replay 10GB's of data.
Since replays are based on your search criteria, it's possible your replay will be <1% of your total storage and thus you should be able to perform hundreds or thousands of replays.
If you are replaying your entire data set on a regular basis - you may need to purchase additional replay capacity.
Additional replay capacity costs $5.00 per 10 GB.

Additional collections

If you run out of the number of available collections on your account, you can granularly increase the capacity by adding additional collections.
Additional collections cost $30.00 per collection.
Last modified 6mo ago